What are the mistakes to avoid during home painting?

The beauty of a house is also related to the nature of the decoration of this house. For this reason, the painting must be well done. And for that, there are mistakes to avoid during the realization of the painting. Discover these mistakes in the following article. Not taking into account the furniture Within a house, there are several pieces of furniture and several decorative objects. And it is the whole of these objects which make the beauty of your rooms in particular and your house in gener... Read more

How to make your own decorative paintings?

If you love painting, you’ve come to the right place. For several reasons, some people prefer to make their own decorative paintings without calling a professional. You can also try this because it will save you money. Find in this article, the different steps for the realization of decorative paintings. Assembling the frame, checking the squareness The assembly of the frame is the first task that falls to you. Apparently, this is not at all complicated work, but it requires a lot of care.... Read more

What are the materials for beginners in painting?

When you enter a new field, passion drives you to know a lot in a short period of time. You have just started painting and you already want to know what you need to get started. Find in this article, the main materials that can be useful. The painting surface and the different brushes The first question is what you want to paint. It is the answer to this question that will allow you to choose a support. As a beginner, all you need is an acrylic or oil painting paper pad. But to be economical, yo... Read more

What are the different painting techniques?

You don’t have to be a painter before learning about the different painting techniques. It is sometimes important to take knowledge in certain fields to increase its personal culture. Find in this article, the different painting techniques. Painting techniques using water Watercolor painting on silk or on thinner paper uses mainly synthetic pigments and gummed water. It is a fast technique that is used in the realization of outdoor works, study paintings and pochades. As for gouache, also... Read more

Some innovations that have revolutionized art

The history of art is very enriching, because gradually, it has known several revolutions. However, in a certain period of time innovations were made to radically revolutionize art. Find in this article, some of these innovations. Photography, digital and moving images Photography is one of the techniques that appeared towards the end of the 19th century and that have left their mark until today. Since that time, artists have not taken advantage of the benefits of this valuable object. It is onl... Read more