Reading - What are the materials for beginners in painting?

What are the materials for beginners in painting?

When you enter a new field, passion drives you to know a lot in a short period of time. You have just started painting and you already want to know what you need to get started. Find in this article, the main materials that can be useful. The painting surface and the different brushes The first question is what you want to paint. It is the answer to this question that will allow you to choose a support. As a beginner, all you need is an acrylic or oil painting paper pad. But to be economical, you can choose canvas boards which are very practical. And to start your creations, choose only A4 size. As for the brushes, don’t rush to buy several brushes at the beginning. You can start with one brush and gradually you will have a hundred brushes. However, to begin with, you will need a...